Pushy Parents Force Cancellation Of Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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The annual Old Colorado City Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled for local kids. Organizers made that decision because parents were getting too aggressive.

It’s supposed to be a fun event, but for little Danaee Jordan, she said it wasn't that way at all. We talked to her mom who said because of their experience last year, they weren't even planning on coming back.

"The parents were getting in my way and I was like pushing them because I wanted to get through but I couldn't get anything," Danaee said.

The event is held every year inside this Bancroft Park. Organized by the Old Colorado City Association (OCCA) the Easter egg hunt has become a tradition for nearly a decade. However, this year OCCA director Dave VanNess said the event is cancelled. He said it's in part because the hunt has grown so big, and also because parents have become a little too aggressive.

VanNess said the event was creating more hard feelings instead of the fun they've always intended. Danaee's mom, Brittany Swanson, said parents were supposed to stay back behind a rope, but many broke that rule making things overcrowded and really chaotic.

"Most of (the parents) went in, made it difficult for me to see my child so there was definitely a safety concern there and she didn't get anything so we spent about an hour down there and she ended up with nothing so it wasn't very fun for her," Swanson said.

Swanson said regardless of why it's cancelled, she's disappointed because it's the kids who suffer most.

Businesses in and around the area tell 11 News cancelling the event breaks their heart because it was such a fun event and brought families to the area. They added however, that at times, parents were getting a little out of hand.

Organizers also said the budget was an issue. As the hunt has grown, it costs more and more to keep it going.

The OCCA said after Territory Days in May, they'll reconsider whether or not to bring back the egg hunt back next year.