Soldier Says He Didn't Kill Iraqi General

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A Fort Carson soldier charged with murder in the interrogation death of an Iraqi general says he's not a murderer -- but waived his right to an Article 32 hearing.

Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer left it up to an Army commander to decide whether he should face court-martial on murder charges in the death of Major General Abid Mowhoush.

Civilian attorney Frank Spinner of Colorado Springs said Welshofer believed the case would go to trial anyway.

Chief Warrant Officer Jefferson Williams, Sergeant First Class William Sommer, and Specialist Jerry Loper are charged with murder and dereliction of duty in the general's death.

Their Article 32 hearing is scheduled to wrap up today, but it's not clear when the presiding judge will rule.


There's also no timetable for Major General Robert Mixon to make a decision in Welshofer's case.

Spinner read a statement from Welshofer in which the soldier denied murdering or torturing anyone -- and indicated that almost anyone who knows him would say he's "a pretty nice guy."

Mowhoush died in November 2003.

Army Sergeant First Class Gerald Pratt testified yesterday he saw Williams throw a 20-pound box at Mowhoush, and saw another detainee forced into a sleeping bag and thrown to the ground.