Victims' Funds

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Gary Alflen and Stacy Dahl were found murdered in their home in El Paso County last week. So far, investigators have not made any arrests in the case. They believe a recent string of burglaries in the area may be linked to their murders. On Tuesday, the sheriff's department said their home had been ransacked. The couple's car was also located over the weekend. It was burned and found abandoned along a stretch of Rampart Range Road.

The families of Dahl and Alflen have set up funds for people who may want to make a donation in their memory. The money goes to charities that Stacy and Gary worked with in recent months.

Big Brothers Big Sisters-Pikes Peak Region
111 S. Tejon Suite 302
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Pikes Peak Ascent & Marathon
P.O. Box 38235
Colorado Springs, CO 80937

If donations are made by check, please indicate that the money is being given in the memory of Gary Alflen and Stacy Dahl.