Statewide Smoking Ban Bill Introduced

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A state senator from Denver is moving ahead with a proposal to ban smoking in bars and restaurants across Colorado despite some opposition at the state Capitol.

Senator Dan Grossman says he introduced the bill today (Tuesday) because he wants to get the debate started on the dangers of second-hand smoke. He's proposed banning smoking in all workplaces with at least four employees.

Grossman and Representative Mark Larson, a Republican from Cortez, announced they were planning to introduce such a bill earlier this month. Republicans in the Senate quickly lined up against the bill even before it was introduced. Democratic Senator Bob Hagedorn, the head of the Senate's health committee, also said the decision should be left up to voters, not lawmakers.

The bill won't be heard by Hagedorn's committee so now it's more likely the smoking ban could end up getting to the full Senate for debate.