One Coloradan Missing In Quake

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One Colorado volunteer is OK, but searchers are still looking for another following yesterday's massive earthquake in South Asia.

The magnitude eight-point-seven quake struck just after nine a-m Mountain time yesterday, killing an estimated two-thousand people.

Joseph Burke of Arvada and Paul Petty of Evergreen are among Colorado volunteers who went to Indonesia this month to assist with tsunami (soo-NAH'-mee) relief, in the wake of December's natural disaster that killed more than 174-thousand people.

Another volunteer called Burke's wife last night to let her know he's fine and should return to Colorado on Thursday, but there's been no word on Petty.

His pastor says Petty has had trouble e-mailing ever since he's been there.

Petty is due back April Fifth.


The Indonesian island of Nias (NEE'-us) took the brunt of the quake. Burke left Nias before the quake hit, but Petty and other volunteers were reportedly still there at the time the quake struck.

An overflight of the island shows nearly 30 percent of the buildings in its largest city have been destroyed.