Man Shoots At Robbers Inside His Home - Update

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Two men have been arrested at Memorial Hospital in connection with a home invasion in Fountain.

Police say when the two broke into a house in the middle of the night, the resident inside shot them with his shotgun.

27 year-old Jorge Elugardo and 24 year-old Brian Kennedy are accused of Burglary, Menacing, and Theft.

Police say the crooks kicked in the front door on Sunday night at a house on Fountain Mesa Road, just south of Highway 16.

The suspects got away, but not before suffering gunshot wounds.

“This is where I shot him. There is debris from his jacket and stuff,” said Cody Buckler pointing out the holes in his hallway.

He didn't ask any questions when he saw two masked men in his living room. "I had adrenaline running through me."

He just fired from his gun. "There was another guy downstairs, so I aimed over here and when he came up the stairs, I fired at him. He ran back down to the basement," said Buckler.

The crook jumped through a 6 foot window in the basement, while the other crook went out the front door. "I was standing by the kitchen near the front door, fired and hit him. He dropped my t.v. that he was carrying."

The crooks left a trail of blood to their get away car. "It was the craziest night ever," said Sara Jacobs, Buckler’s fiancee.

Jesse Robinson was asleep on the couch when the two men broke in. “With a gun pointed at me, they said, ‘Put your hands up and don't move’. I did what they said."

Police said Buckler probably won't face any charges for shooting the suspects.

If you know anything about this home invasion, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.