Minnesota Shootings Carry Echoes of Columbine

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Eerie echoes of the Columbine High School massacre are reverberating across Colorado as chilling parallels emerge between the 1999 shootings in Colorado and a deadly school rampage in rural Minnesota.

A 17-year-old gunman, Jeff Weise, killed seven people before taking his own life yesterday at Red Lake High School in Red Lake, Minnesota. His grandfather and his grandfather's companion also were found dead. At Columbine, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 students, a teacher and themselves on April 20th, 1999.

Witnesses at both schools say the shooters smiled as they fired at victims and asked victims if they believed in God, then shot them after they said yes.

And gunmen at both schools were described as outsiders who complained of being teased by other students.

Gunmen at both schools had been placed in disciplinary programs -- Weise for violating an undisclosed school policy, Harris and Klebold for breaking into a van and stealing tools and other items.

Tom Mauser's son Daniel was killed at Columbine. He says the Red Lake tragedy rekindled the shock and trauma of the 1999 massacre and made him angry that the lessons of Columbine apparently haven't been absorbed.