Teens Save Woman From Fire

Fire thumbnail KAUZ MGN

Police are crediting six teens with saving an 86-year-old woman from a house fire. The six Centennial High School students were at their school when they saw smoke a block away yesterday. They hopped in a pickup truck and drove to the home of Edith Lichtenberg. They called 911 and decided to check inside to make sure no one was trapped. Fire blocked entrance through the front door so the students ran around the house, jumped over a locked fence in the back and noticed an open window. Through the window they saw Lichtenberg. Lichtenberg said she was in a bedroom painting her nails when she noticed the smoke. The teens got her attention as she was looking for a way out of the house. Prince Speights, 18, ran to the back door and led Lichtenberg outside. He knocked down the fence so she could get through.