President Pushes Social Security Plan in Colorado

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In Colorado Monday, President Bush called for a major change to Social Security.

Bush left the state about 6-30 p-m after his "Conversation on Strengthening Social Security" in Aurora, which is part of a Western campaign that included visits to Arizona and New Mexico.

He says the nation's venerable safety net for retirees has a major hole. He says people are living longer and more benefits are being promised -- but fewer people are contributing to fund the system.

The president -- who described himself as a Baby Boomer who is going to retire soon -- says Social Security should also rely on private retirement accounts subject to market forces. He says that's a better plan than having money held by the government.

He says he's open to all ideas -- including those from Democrats.

In Denver, Arizona Senator John McCain took a shot at A-A-R-P, the powerful lobby for older citizens that opposes Bush's plan to let younger workers divert two-thirds of their payroll taxes into private investment accounts.

McCain says the group should join the debate, not block it.