Parties Bring in "Big Names"

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Analysts say President Bush's visit to Colorado should help in the behind-the-scenes battle to get voters to the polls. But they also say it's unlikely Republican candidates will get a boost or voters' minds will change.

Bush and GOP candidates for congressional and statewide offices rallied about 3,000 Republicans at the Wings Over the Rockies museum on the former Lowry Air Force Base. He asked for support for Senator Wayne Allard and other congressional candidates locked in tight races. He said he needs a Republican-led House and Senate to push his agenda of permanent tax cuts, strong national defense, Medicare reform and an energy bill. Several hundred people participated in anti-war demonstrations
outside the museum.

This appearance follows a number of visits over the weekend by celebrities who came to Colorado on behalf of Democratic Senate candidate Tom Strickland and Congressional candidate Mike Feeley. Actor Bradley Whitford appeared at a Democratic rally in Jefferson County and actor Robert Redford was in Boulder Saturday.