Pueblo Plane Crash Update

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The pilots of a Circuit City corporate jet say they picked up some ice while flying to Pueblo last month, but were able to shed it using in-flight deicing equipment.

It's not clear, though, whether pilots of a second jet that crashed had activated the so-called "deicing boots" -- which shatter ice by expanding.

The information comes from a preliminary report by the National Transportation Safety Board. Federal investigators are searching for the cause of the February 16th crash near Pueblo that killed eight people.

The Cessna Citation C-560 was carrying four Circuit City employees, two partners and two pilots when it went down in a field about five miles east of Pueblo Memorial Airport.

Authorities have said ice is one potential factor being considered.


The pilots whose plane landed safely say they flew the doomed aircraft in the two days before the crash -- and didn't notice any maintenance or operational problems.

Both planes were flying from Circuit City's headquarters of Richmond, Virginia, en route to Orange County, California. They were stopping in Pueblo to refuel.