President To Talk Social Security In Colorado

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President Bush plans to pay a visit to Colorado on Monday, when he'll tout his plan for overhauling Social Security -- a plan that polls show is receiving lukewarm support.

The president will hold what's being called a "Conversation on Strengthening Soial Security" at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum, located at the former Lowry Air Force Base in east Denver.

Attendance is by invitation only.

Bush has held similar events in 15 states since the State of the Union Address, saying his plan is necessary to solve the retirement system's money problems.

He told supporters in Shreveport, Louisiana last Friday that "all ideas are on the table," but said individual accounts present an opportunity for a higher return rate than the traditional program.


A recent poll by The Associated Press poll found 37 percent of Americans like Bush's approach, but a majority of 56 percent disapprove of his handling of Social Security.

A similar number opposed the creation of personal accounts.