Anti-Gay Protestors to Return

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A controversial church leader is coming back to Colorado Springs. Representatives of Pastor Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated at Palmer High last week. Now he says he has more to say.

Phelps says through a news release he plans to picket the entire city, a place he calls a "homo-fascist regime," and one city leader in particular who he feels violated his first amendment rights. He goes on to say he plans to spend some time at Focus on the Family as well.

Phelps plans to take his demonstration this time to Vice Mayor Richard Skorman's front door. He calls Skorman the pervert mayor. Phelps says he'll march in front of Poor Richards in retaliation, he says, for something Skorman said.

Skorman says Phelps is not welcome in Colorado Springs. Phelps says that kind of comment is a violation of his first amendment rights, since Skorman is a public official. Skorman stands by his feelings, and sees no reason for a return trip.

Phelps other point of interest is Focus on the Family, where a group of homosexual Christians will protest in April. Executive Vice President Tom Mason says Phelps is no stranger to the complex. He calls Focus officials heretics, claiming they cave to pressure from the gay community.

Skorman says he thinks Phelps and his group want nothing but trouble, and in the meantime is bracing for the return visit.

Phelps says he'll be here on Thursday, March 24th, and again at the end of April.

The Westboro Baptist Church group was here last Friday, to protest a Proposed Gay-Straight Alliance group at Palmer High. Hundreds of Colorado Springs residents showed up to counter-protest.