Essay Controversy

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CU Boulder interim chancellor Phil DiStefano issued a statement today saying the views of Professor Ward Churchill "are his own and do not represent the views of University of Colorado faculty, staff, students, administration or Regents."

DiStefano says he finds Churchill's views offensive, but supports his "right as an American citizen to hold and express his views, no matter how repugnant..."

Churchill is scheduled to join a panel discussion next month at Hamilton College near Utica, New York.

The planned appearance has stirred anger among students and faculty there.

Churchill is head of the ethnic studies program at C-U-Boulder.

He wrote the controversial essay the day after the 2001 attacks, alleging that those who died were NOT innocent bystanders -- comparing them to Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

One Hamilton College professor called it "morally outrageous" to invite Churchill to speak.

Lecture organizers insist that allowing diverse viewpoints to be presented is what academic institutions are supposed to do.