Mountain Lion Warning

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A string of mountain lion sightings has some El Paso County residents worried for their families and pets. At least five dogs have recently been attacked between Chipita Park and Green Mountain Falls.

Some residents say they think at least two or three mountain lions are roaming around. So far pets are the only victims, but neighbors say they're taking some precautions.

Glenn Noufer say the mountain lions are coming down off the hill near his house. He's seen them twice. It's the first time in almost 25 years as a homeowner here he recalls seeing a mountain lion in the wild.

The lions are capturing dogs, recently a 100-pound dog just up the street from Glenn and his two daughters. The attacks are prompting warning signs from the Division of Wildlife.

Division of wildlife representative Michael Seraphin says mountain lions normally prey on deer and other small mammals. Pets could present themselves as easy prey or competition for food.
Attacks on people are more rare.

Nevertheless, DOW officers are making a few more rounds in nearby neighborhoods, and recommending homeowners keep their pets from running free.

Glenn says he wouldn't mind if the lions were relocated, but for now he’s keeping a closer eye on his dogs and kids in the event they get another visit.

DOW is also stepping up public education efforts. They plan a meeting for school on Wednesday to discuss how to handle a mountain lion encounter, if it should happen.