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The mortuary that sent fetal remains to a Roman Catholic church is apologizing to a hospital that didn't know about the practice.

Crist Mortuary in Boulder apologized this week to Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville.

Hospital CEO John Sackett says it was clear the mortuary had NO intention of deceiving the hospital.

For almost a decade, Crist Mortuary has been secretly sending fetal ashes to Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church. Fetal remains also came from the Boulder Abortion Clinic.

The ashes had been privately scattered at a church memorial for years. The church decided to publicize the ceremony last week to protest the 32nd anniversary of Roe versus Wade, the U-S Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

The mortuary's apology did not move a pro-abortion group in Fort Collins, which still plans to protest the mortuary on Friday and the church on Sunday.