Halaby Won't Run Again For Chairman of State Republican Party

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The head of the Colorado Republican Party has decided to call it quits -- less than three months after the GOP lost two seats in Congress, and control of the state Legislature.

Ted Halaby outlined his decision in a letter to Governor Owens and other party officials, saying he will not seek another term in March.

Halaby says changes in campaign finance laws have weakened the role of political parties -- and that he and other GOP leaders did not exploit the new rules as well as Democrats did.

Many GOP leaders have blamed Halaby for election losses in November that gave Democrats control of both the Colorado House and Senate for the first time in 42 years.

Halaby has been the state's Republican Party chairman since 2003.

State Democratic Party chairman Chris Gates says Owens also shares responsibility for the Republican losses in Congress and the Legislature.

Candidates to replace Halaby include Republican Party vice chairman Chuck Broerman, the former GOP leader of El Paso County.