Fort Carson Armoring Humvees Before Cavalry Returns to Iraq

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Fort Carson mechanics are working overtime to add heavy armor plate, bullet-proof glass and air conditioning to 640 Humvees and trucks before the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment returns to Iraq this spring.

Homemade bombs, mines and small-arms fire in Iraq have been deadly to soldiers in unreinforced vehicles.

The Third Armored Cavalry received its armor kits in early December, two days before a National Guardsman made headlines by asking Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at a town-hall meeting why soldiers had to scrounge for scrap metal to protect themselves.

More than 100 mechanics have been working 72 hours a week since December 13th installing armor and air conditioners. The project is costing more than three million dollars.

The Third Armored Cavalry is expected to send 5,500 troops to Iraq in March or April.