Super Slab Me?

Anger and frustration! Emotions are running high in Pueblo County.

At a public forum, residents voiced their opinion on the Front Range Toll Road, also known as "Super Slab."

Pueblo County is one of the places the proposed 210 mile road is expected to run through.

Reta Zone is one of the residents who's saying "no way".

"There is a lot of emotional response when someone comes through and says 'Trust us. We'll take your homes and land. Trust us. We'll take care of you. ' I don't buy it."

But a lobbyist for the toll road, Kathy Oatis, says some homeowners aren't giving it a fair chance.

"Some people opposed are making this crusade, not giving us opportunity to listen to what we say."

A senate transportation committee hearing will be held at the capitol on March 22nd, starting at two o'clock in the afternoon. It's open to the public.

If the bill passes that day, it will head to the senate.