D-N-A Links Suspect to Lefkow Murders.

Authorities say a D-N-A match between a cigarette butt found in Chicago, and a man who committed suicide in Wisconsin, has convinced police that an electrician named Bart Ross was a killer.

Ross shot himself during a traffic stop Wednesday in a Milwaukee suburb.

The Illinois state police crime lab confirms Ross' D-N-A matched that found on a cigarette butt inside the home of U-S District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow (LEF'-koh). She returned home from work February 28th to find her mother and husband shot to death.

Police say the evidence points to Ross as the lone killer.

The funeral for 64-year-old Michael Lefkow occurred last weekend in Illinois.

A memorial service for 89-year-old Donna Humphrey of Denver is scheduled for tomorrow in Littleton (Colorado).