Fraternity House Plans

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A Fort Collins church is looking to turn an empty fraternity house into a community center. Timberline Church hopes to turn the site of the death of Samantha Spady into a hopeful place that offers activities and housing for Colorado State University students.

The Sigma Pi fraternity house has been vacant since the CSU chapter of the fraternity was disbanded in September. That decision came four days after the 19-year-old Spady died of alcohol poisoning in the house.

The Reverend Reza Zadeh says the church wants to turn a place of tragedy into a place of life.

The plans call for housing for up to 25 people in what the church would call the Lighthouse. There would be activities including student-run movie nights, Bible studies, parties and volleyball games. The house also would hold a free pancake stand early Saturday mornings where students coming home from bars or parties could eat for free.