Jones Defeats Marino

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In State Senate District 11, a closely watched race ended with Ed Jones the unofficial winner.

With 100 % of the precincts reporting, Jones received 47 % of the vote. His main opponent, Democrat Tony Marino, got 44 %. Libertarian candidate Jeffery McQueen picked up the remaining 9% of the vote.

After the results were in, Jones had this to say: "You know everybody kept saying, 'you know Ed, you are the man -- you are the epicenter of the senate for the state,' and I said, well, then I'm ready for the challenge and I've been challenged all my live and we were."

The mudslinging continued in this race up through Election Day. There were complaints Marino was campaigning inside polling places. Marino defended himself, saying he didn't wear his name badge to identify himself and he wasn't talking to people.