Hoffman Resigns

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University of Colorado President Betsy Hoffman has announced her resignation -- amid an ongoing football recruiting scandal, national criticism of an ethnic studies professor, and budget problems the school is now facing.

Hoffman disclosed her intentions in a letter written to the C-U Board of Regents and delivered this morning. She says she plans to resign June 30th, or whenever her successor is named.

In her letter, Hoffman says her role as the school's leader has become an issue in the midst of the serious issues facing the university -- and that it appears it's in C-U's best interest to "remove the issue" of her future from the debate.

Hoffman has served as C-U president for five years.

Hoffman tells The Associated Press her decision will give her time to help the university resolve the fate of Professor Ward Churchill, who's received nationwide criticism for his essay about the 2001 terrorist attacks. She also cited an upcoming trial of a civil lawsuit stemming from the recruiting scandal.

Hoffman says it's important to focus her attention on what needs to be done, and not feel that she has to defend herself against personal attacks.