Amendment 28: Voter Guide

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When Colorado voters go to the polls on November 5th, it could be the last time they have to make that trip for a while.

One issue up for approval would make mail-in ballots the norm in our state.

In this Campaign 2002 Voter Guide, we learn more about Amendment-28.

In last November's election, El Paso county tried using mail-in ballots for the first time. 287,000 registered voters received them. But many people had to hand-deliver them on Election Day to get them in on time.

If approved, Amendment 28 would mean nearly all elections would use mail-in ballots. It would also add new security measures and improve the ballot-counting process.

Supporters of Amendment 28 say mail-in ballot elections are more convenient. Also, more people participate because it eliminates factors like bad weather, which often keep people from the polls. And it's less expensive since you don't need voting machines or election judges.

Opponents say mail-in ballots are vulnerable to fraud. They can be stolen or filled out by someone else. They also say there's more potential for pressuring people to vote a certain way. And, there are more mistakes like forgetting to sign your ballot and that disqualifies your vote.

If approved, there would still be some local elections where you'd need to go to the polls to cast your ballot.