Lucky Landing

airport runway

Take some sunshine and a fair amount of wind and you have the makings for a good day of soaring the skies over Colorado Springs.
Mix in a weather change and some quick thinking and you have the makings for an exciting landing somewhere other than the airport.

A field near Falcon isn't a runway but it had to do Sunday afternoon.

Conditions were just right for guys from the High Flights Soaring Club.

A southwest breeze carried pilot John Norton through the first part of his glide but, when that breeze switched to a powerful headwind, he had to touch down in an open field about a mile away from his destination of Meadow Lake Airport.

"Your ground speed... which is how fast you're going in between you and the airport... it went down to almost nothing. It felt like I was hovering."

Gliders are built to land off a runway and field landings are not necessarily a rare thing.