Air Force Investigation

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The former top military lawyer for the Air Force has been accused of inappropriate contact with female subordinates -- including kissing.

Major General Thomas Fiscus was disciplined last month for fraternization and other violations.

He now stands accused of kissing two women on the lips, putting his hand on or near the knee of another, and exchanging intimate e-mails with others.

The Gazette of Colorado Springs cited Air Force documents in first reporting the story Friday.

The allegations involve nine women, and include engaging in an "unprofessional relationship" with two officers and fraternizing with a noncommissioned officer.

As a result of the previous incidents, an Air Force general had recommended Fiscus retire below his current rank.

Air Force Secretary James Roche had not announced a decision on that proposal before the new allegations came to light.

But Fiscus has said he does plan to retire. He was relieved of his duties as Air Force judge advocate general at his own request on September 22nd when the investigation began.

Fiscus says the allegations don't accuse him of having sexual relations with any of the women.

He declined to say whether he thought he got special treatment because of his rank.