Green Laser Lights

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As federal law enforcement agencies investigate a series of incidents involving laser beams and aircraft in Colorado Springs and elsewhere, pilots say they're being kept out of the loop.

At least eight incidents of lasers being pointed at cockpits have been reported nationwide since Christmas. Two of those occurred December 27th in Colorado Springs.

No one has been hurt, and all of the aircraft have landed safely.

Commercial pilot and Allied Pilots Association officer Denis Breslin says pilots want a general warning about the threat and some training on what to do.

He says pilots have learned about the incidents only through the news media -- and says the government should have a way to alert pilots so they can take precautions.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it is in the process of preparing guidelines for pilots.

The agency released a study in June warning that powerful laser beams could blind flight crews and cause planes to crash.

The incidents raise suspicions that terrorists could be looking for new ways to carry out attacks.