Coloradan Still Missing After Tsunamis

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The State Department now says 19 Americans missing in Thailand after last month's tsunamis are now presumed dead, but it's not clear whether a University of Denver graduate student is among them.

Nicole Weissberg, 27, hasn't been heard from since an earthquake triggered the tsunamis December 26th.

She was supposed to meet her boyfriend in Phuket, Thailand the following day, but never showed up. In television interviews, Morgan Browning said he believes Weissberg is alive, even though he was unable to find her when he traveled to Thailand.

He says he's doing his best to remain positive while getting Weissberg's picture and name out, in hopes someone will recognize her.

Browning says he went to the city where Weissberg was at the time the waves hit, but couldn't locate her. He also searched hospitals and morgues in the area and in Bangkok, but found no trace of the woman.

Weissberg is a second-year graduate student at DU's Daniels College of Business.

Authorities say between 4,000 and 6,000 Americans are still missing after the disaster. Officials have refused to identify any of the Americans by name or in any other way, except to say none was a U.S. official.