CU Grand Jury

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University of Colorado officials want to respond publicly to newly disclosed allegations in a secret grand jury report leaked to the media.

They have asked Denver District Judge Jeff Bayless for permission to do so, but he hasn't acted on the request. Bayless had ordered the report kept secret and prohibited all parties from discussing its contents.

The new details are reviving calls for the grand jury report to be officially made public and renewing questions about why the investigation resulted with a single indictment against a low-level university employee.

Among the newly disclosed allegations: Two female trainers said they were sexually assaulted by an assistant football coach; one of the women was "coerced to perform sexual favors for players and recruits repeatedly" over two years; and thousands of dollars from coach Gary Barnett's football camp went into a "slush fund" made available to Barnett and other athletics department officials.

CU athletics department spokesman Dave Plati says the assistant coach accused of assault is no longer at the school but declined to identify him.

Governor Owens spokesman Dan Hopkins says the governor will consult with Attorney General John Suthers about whether the investigation of the football program should be reopened.