Churchill Speaks in Wisconsin

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A University of Colorado professor is defending his essay comparing victims of the September eleventh World Trade Center attacks to Nazis during his speech tonight at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Ward Churchill says he wrote it from his gut the afternoon of September eleventh, 2001, in an attempt to examine the attackers' motives. He says he was spurred to write the essay after television networks "spun" them as senseless, and government officials labeled the attackers as evil freedom-haters.

He says he didn't say the attacks were justified.

Churchill was talking to a crowd of about three hundred people at tonight's speech.

U-W-Whitewater became the latest stage for Churchill. Some colleges have canceled his appearances because of protests to his controversial essay.

He also launched into a litany of policies that may have played into Al-Qaeda's motives. That includes sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s, which Churchill says left more than 500-thousand Iraqi children dead, and the killings of Palestinian children for throwing stones at Israelis.