Artistic Differences

A tradition for senior Cadets is caught up in a changing culture at the Air Force Academy. A painting for the class of 2005 may be seen on Academy grounds one day, but not exactly the way some Cadets had planned.

In 2002, the AFA Association of Graduates asked local artist Rick Broome to do the class painting and add it to a number of them already placed on campus.

His final piece will feature a depiction of the Warrior Wall that once read "Bring Me Men."

That was before scandal forced a list of changes, including dropping the three-word phrase in exchange for the Core Values.

Rick says that's what the class wants, but Academy officials, according to Director of Communications Johnny Whitaker, say "Bring Me Men" is part of the past and will not hang on Academy grounds.

"It was part of their experience, and we understand that. We also understand those are historical experiences. We need to take the Academy to the next level of exellence and 'Bring Me Men' doesn't fit into that plan."

So, there will, now, be 2 versions of Broome's painting. He'll make reproductions of the original for the Class of 2005. He will offer a print to the Academy with the Core Values added digitally which will likely end up with a place on the grounds with dozens of other Broome originals if it's accepted.