War Over the Word

One hundred thousand copies of the New Testament landed in driveways and on front steps with the Sunday edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The managers of the paper say it's just business. But some subscribers say it's an intrusion.

The project has been in the works for about 9 months. The International Bible Society organized the giveaway with donations from local businesses.

A Gazette spokeswoman says they do all sorts of advertising and this is no different than receiving a small cereal box or toothpaste samples attached to your newspaper.

But some people within the local Jewish community, like David Richman, believe the addition has no business folded up with their newspaper.

"There's clearly a proselytising effort from churches in the local community to distribute these to people in the community. That's not something that's welcome in my house."

A local Jewish temple is responding by re-distributing the bibles. Temple Shalom is collecting the New Testaments from the congregation and donating them to Christian churches in the area.