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A new study shows that hunters and fishers contributed one-point-five (b) billion dollars to the state economy in 2002, and supported about 20-thousand full-time jobs.

The study by B-B-C Research and Consulting was sponsored by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

It shows that people who hunted and fished that year spent 797 (m) million dollars on travel and purchases. Additional spending by the wildlife division brought the total direct impact to 845 (m) million dollars.

Recycling those dollars brought the total economic activity to one-and-a-half billion.

BBC director Todd Picton says the study may even underestimate the yearly impact, because 2002 was the year Colorado suffered from drought and wildfires amid a sharp economic downturn.

The study also found that hunters and anglers ventured outside during a combined ten (m) million days in 2002.

Fishing generated 459 million dollars in 2002, compared with 338 (m) million dollars from hunting. Coloradans accounted for 58 percent of expenditures.