Colorado Drug & Alcohol Programs

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Colorado is among the lowest spenders on programs designed to prevent or treat alcohol and drug use -- even though the state's residents are more likely to abuse both.

A two year survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration released last week shows Coloradans rank far above the national average for using alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.

Colorado also ranked tenth for the percentage of residents older than 12 who've abused or were dependent on alcohol or drugs in the past year.

The report indicates that such habits have resulted in greater demands for treatment.

But Colorado spent just $25.5 million for drug and alcohol programs in 2001. That's less than half the $58 million average per state that year.

Spending rose to $27.3 million dollars in 2003, but $400,000 was cut from the past budget year -- and more reductions are looming.