Springs Homeowners Try "Community" Living

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The Colorado Springs Co-Housing group opened its doors Sunday. Although homeowners won't be moving in for a few more weeks, they got together to dedicate their "common house".

The idea behind co-housing is to know your neighbors, share space, and create a safe place to bring up your kids.

The co-housing community has been 5 years in the making. For the people who bought homes here, they're not just moving into a house, but also a tight-knit community. It'll be a few months before Angela and Paul Sullivan and their four kids move into their new home. "The idea that my kids will be able to interact with all different generations and learn from them and gain respect and you know babysitters, that's an appeal too"

Angela says living here is about keeping life simple. She'll get help from neighbors with watching the kids, there'll be shared meals, and a real sense of community. There will also be an open courtyard where kids can play safely.

Tim Burke moves into his place in February. He says, for him, co-housing is the perfect blend of privacy and community. "It's just learning how to communicate with people, making sure you're honest and not dealing with people through other like third way conversation."

There are 34 homes in this development, and 24 of them have already been sold.