Behind Bars

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Some relief for a denver neighborhood where 5 sexual attacks happened this month. The man suspected of being responsible for those attacks is now in jail.

Thirty-five year-old Brent J. Brents was brought to Denver police headquarters Saturday after police arrested him Friday night in Glenwood Springs.

Police say he was driving a car stolen from a woman he attacked in Denver.

Police had arrested Brents in November when he confessed to molesting a young boy. But they let him go, pending further investigation.

Brents is suspected in at least 5 violent sexual assaults in the past week. Police think he sexually assaulted 2 women at knifepoint February 11th and, then, attacked two 11 year-old girls and their grandmother three days later.

Police say they found Brents by tracking a cell phone stolen during Friday's assault.

Brents is also wanted by authorities in Aurora on charges of inappropriately touching his former girlfriend's 8 year-old son.