Black Box Recovered

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Investigators of a jet crash near the Pueblo airport say they're studying some -quote- "interesting characteristics" -unquote- in radar data from the aircraft.

The corporate jet crashed in a freezing drizzle yesterday, killing all eight people on board.

National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Ellen Engleman Connors wouldn't elaborate on the radar data under investigation but said investigators are looking for additional radar data.

Connors says investigators are also reviewing the weather and the possibility of mechanical problems.

She wouldn't discuss any communication between the pilots and the control tower.

Two witnesses told investigators they heard loud popping noises from the jet before the crash. A second company plane of the same type landed safely a short time later.

The jet was owned by electronics retailer Circuit City.
The flight originated in Richmond, Virginia -- where Circuit City is based. Pueblo County Sheriff Dan Corsentino said the jet was stopping in Colorado to refuel before heading to California.

The names of the victims have not been released, but Circuit City identifies them as four employees, two outside partners and two pilots.