Colorado Springs Water Restrictions

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Colorado Springs Water Restrictions
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Because of the ongoing drought, the Colorado Springs City Council has approved Stage II mandatory water restrictions, effective immediately.

"The move to Stage II mandatory restrictions are necessary because our water supply situation has become dramatically worse in the past 45 days," said Kevin Lusk, water resources engineer for Colorado Springs Utilities. "Due to the extreme drought conditions we're experiencing, stream flows are the lowest on record, and the expected yields from our watersheds will be about a quarter of normal."

The Stage II mandatory restrictions call for:
*A continuation of Stage I restrictions (limit hydrant permits, turn off all fountains that do not recycle water, and restrictions on irrigation at city and utilities 5 acres or less)
*Designated landscape watering/residential car washing days and times as follows:
*Addresses ending in an even number--Sunday, Wednesday and Friday only.
*Addresses ending in an odd number--Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday only.
*No landscape watering on Mondays.
*Landscapes are to be watered between 7pm and 9am only.
*Exceptions include new turf watering permits for sod or see or alternative watering schedules. All exceptions require Colorado Springs Utilities permits or approval.
*Landscaping irrigation with a hand-held hose or bucket is allowed at any time for trees, shrubs, planting beds and planters.
*No water waste permitted (sprinklers should not spray pavement and no washing of driveways, walkways or parking lots)
*Recirculating water features and fountains to be limited to 12 hours of operation per day maximum. Also, signage that lists operating hours is required.
*Water should be served only upon request at restaurants
*Lodging establishments are required to post water shortage signs.

Unlike Stage I, Stage II includes charges for customers who violate mandatory restrictions. First-time offenses carry a written warning. Second-time offenses within 12 months will carry a written notice, a $50 fine. A third offense or more within 12 months will carry a written notice, a $100 fine and possible flow restrictions or disconnection from CSU water service.

For more on the water restrictions, go to the Colorado Springs Utilities website.
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