Hayman Wildfire Update

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Conditions at the Hayman fire are still good, with more firefighters leaving the scene in the next couple of days. The Teller County Sheriff's Office is taking some residents back into the burned areas to check on their property. That includes people who live in the Turkey Rock area. The Wildhorn, Lutheran Valley Ranch, Lost Valley Ranch, Turkey Rock, portions of Painted Rocks Rd and portions of Trail Creek Rd are still under a Mandatory Evacuation Status. This status will probably not change for some time due to the fire danger and hot spots in these areas. Per Deputy Marcus Woodward - Even though most residents have been allowed back to their homes, you should stay on a high alert status for fire changes. This includes all residents north of Hwy 24 between Woodland Park and Lake George.

The U.S. Forest Service estimates the fire has now burned at least 137,000 acres in Teller, Park, Jefferson and Douglas Counties. Containment is at approximately 77%. As is stands now, approximately 133 homes are burned, 1 business and 484 outbuildings.

The cost to fight this wildfire has now topped $27 million.

Most evacuees have now been allowed back into their homes. There are some exceptions for residents in parts of Teller and Douglas County, where the flames actually passed through their subdivisions.
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The fire was started Saturday, June 8th by an illegal campfire. A Forest Service employee, Terry Barton, is now in custody in Denver. She reportedly told police, she was patrolling the area when she stopped to burn a letter from her estranged husband.

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