Driver Defies The Odds After Vehicle Falls 50 Feet Onto Bike Path

A CSU-Pueblo college student says his tires locked up and caused him to lose control on I-25 Friday night, causing his vehicle to plummet over the guardrail and fall onto a bike path 50 feet below.

The vehicle ended up sideways on the heavily traveled Greenway Trail by America the Beautiful Park. Popular with local runners and cyclists, none were injured in the accident. Even more miraculously--the driver himself only sustained minor injuries.

"When they see me come off the bridge, they thought definitely that I was dead...I even talked to the police officer, and he thought for sure that he was coming to get a body," Marquis McNeal, a football player at CSU-Pueblo, said.

McNeal got out of the car on his own, and waited for first responders to arrive.

The victim's mother told 11 News that it was "a miracle that he walked away." She said McNeal only sustained a contusion to his chest.

McNeal thanks God for watching over him.