Ride to the Polls

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Many people are taking advantage of early voting. As of Tuesday afternoon, about 6,600 people have already cast their ballots in El Paso County. Another 49,000 have applied for absentee ballots.

With some very close races on the ballot, every vote does count. And in these final campaign days, the Democrats and Republicans are out in force, drumming up support.
The phones in area party headquarters are getting a lot of use this week.

The Democrats are getting the transportation ready for Nov. 5. They'll have 10 vans to shuttle voters to the polls. They say you can catch a ride, no matter what your political affiliation.

Local Republicans are busy filling out last-minute campaign postcards. Both parties are aggressively fighting for US and state senate seats. Republicans say this fight is even more fierce than the last presidential election, and they're seeing their highest level of participation by volunteers in years.

For a ride to the polls, contact the Democratic or Republican office in your area.

El Paso County:

  • Republicans: 578-0023
  • Democrats: 473-8713