NorthCOM Helping Out

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Colorado springs based NorthCOM is now tasked with supporting investigators in their search for the beltway sniper near Washington D.C.

The new homeland security office is helping out the FBI hunt for the killer.

NorthCOM is loaning the agency some kind of unidentified aircraft, along with the personnel needed to operate the equipment.

An 1878 law prohibits U.S. military troops from actually arresting a U.S citizen or performing law enforcement.

That's why the FBI is still the lead agency in the investigation.

Thousands of leads, hundreds of agents.
Still no suspect.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told lawmakers today that the investigation into the string of sniper shootings in suburban Washington D.C. is going ''exceptionally well.'' He says there are ''hopeful leads'' that have come in over the past week.

Meanwhile, police say a supposed witness to the latest killing could face charges. They're discounting his account of the sniper, the weapon and the getaway car. And they say the man may have intentionally misled them.

A police spokeswoman in Fairfax County says the inaccurate account was exposed by checking it against information from several other witnesses.
Police are standing by the composite drawings of vehicles other witnesses have reported seeing at some of the crime scenes, a white box truck and a van.