Soldier Death Hoax

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The investigation into a woman who admitted she made up a story about her soldier husband getting killed in Iraq now includes federal authorities.

Authorities say Sarah Kenney allegedly offered a false Social Security number when pressed by a soldier's advocate for proof about her husband.

The Denver office of Defense Criminal Investigative Services says that number was linked to a woman who died in the 1990s. Agent Steve O'Neill says misuse of a Social Security number is a federal felony.

Kenney first admitted the hoax to the Grand Junction Free Press this week. She had said her husband was killed when he stepped in front of an Iraqi girl who was caught in some crossfire.

Her husband, Michael Kenney, is a manager at a local fast-food restaurant. He says he can't imagine why his wife made up the story. Sarah Kenney says she's sorry and embarrassed about what she did.