Coroner: Denver Woman Crushed While Climbing Mount Princeton

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Chaffee County authorities have released the cause of death after a Denver woman has died while hiking Mount Princeton in south-central Colorado.

County Coroner Randy Amettis identified the woman as 30-year-old Deanna Miller, and gave the cause of death as major crushing injuries to the chest. Amettis said her body was recovered from the 14,000-foot peak Friday. Chaffee County Sheriff Peter Palmer tells 11 News that it took 11 volunteers 14 hours to bring Miller's body off the mountain.

According to Palmer, Miller, a nurse, and a 28-year-old coworker made it to the top of Mount Princeton on Thursday. On the way back down, a lightning storm started, and the pair left the trail to take cover under a boulder. Palmer says at some point, the boulder toppled over and crushed Miller.

Palmer says rescuers were sent to the Mount Princeton trailhead Thursday after the woman's companion called 911. She was dead by the time rescuers arrived. They found the pair down a steep rocky chute off the main trail after they encountered rain, strong winds, and lightning. Rescuers say the man was not physically hurt and they walked him off the mountain.

Those rescuers were diverted from the search for a missing father and daughter on Missouri Mountain.