State Building Problems

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A state property official says Colorado had to spend more than one (M) million dollars this year to fix leaky roofs, failing generators and asbestos contamination. And State Architect Larry Friedberg says lawmakers will have to spend 396 (M) million dollars more over the next five years for emergency repairs to state buildings.

Senator Bob Bacon says it doesn't make economic sense to cut back on needed repairs. But the Fort Collins Democrat says the state doesn't have the money to cover them.

Friedberg says the state has 102 buildings that were built in the 19th century, and 820 were built before 1960. He says the state owns a total of nearly 24-hundred buildings worth an estimated six (B) billion dollars.

Friedberg says the cost of emergency repairs rose from 913-thousand dollars in 2000 to two-point-six (M) million dollars in 2003 after the state cut back on maintenance.