Defense Budget Windfall for Co. Springs

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The Defense Department has asked for 118 (m) million dollars for construction projects in Colorado, including 98 (m) million dollars for military bases in Colorado Springs.
The lion's share of the budget request disclosed this week would go to Fort Carson, which would get more than 70 (m) million dollars for projects, including 25 (m) million dollars for new barracks and 28 (m) million dollars for a new training facility.
The barracks would be welcome, since the Army post is adding more than 36-hundred soldiers this summer when the South Korea-based Second Brigade Combat Team is moved to Colorado Springs.
The proposed construction spending in Colorado Springs represents a 27 (m) million dollar increase over last year's budget.
In the new proposal, Peterson Air Force base would receive almost 13 (m) million dollars to move its main entrance, improving security and eliminating traffic snarls.
At the Air Force Academy, renovations at Fairchild Hall would continue with 13 (m) million dollars. Lieutenant Colonel Laurent Fox says the work is needed to maintain the landmark academic building of the 50-year-old campus.