Sunday Liquor Sales

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Opposition from liquor store owners is causing lawmakers to rethink a bill that would open the door to liquor sales on Sunday.

Many of the store owners who showed up to fight the proposed change today were immigrants who already work six days a week with few, if any, employees. They say they want time to spend with their families and to go to church.

Others also fear that supermarkets and Wal-Mart will push to be able to sell more than just low-alcohol beer if the bill passes. They say those larger retailers would put them out of business.

Denver Democratic Senator Jennifer Veiga (VAY'-guh) says she's not sure how the Legislature can prevent future lawmakers from doing that but she agreed to work on it.

Colorado has banned Sunday booze sales since Prohibition ended in 1933. At least three efforts to lift the ban have failed.

Restaurants and bars can sell liquor on Sundays, and outlets such as grocery and convenience stores can sell beverages that have a lower alcohol content than those sold in liquor stores.