Immigrant Guide

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State education department officials plan to repost an edited version of a controversial guide for immigrants on its Web site.

The document was yanked earlier this week after critics said it provided tips for illegal immigrants.

State education commissioner William Moloney says staffers are reviewing the guide and will remove parts deemed objectionable. He says most people agree that almost all of the guide contains good information and should be available to immigrants.

The pamphlet was removed from the site Monday after U.s. Congressman Tom Tancredo sent a letter to Governor Bill Owens criticizing it for encouraging illegal immigrants to take advantage of government services and helping them find jobs.

The guide contains information about everything from how to get a driver's license to domestic abuse laws.

The online version of the pamphlet included an introduction by Owens but he said this week that he didn't realize that some information seemed to be aimed at illegal immigrants.

Moloney didn't consult Owens but the governor's spokesman says he thinks it's fine to post an edited version since the majority of the pamphlet is acceptable.