Schwartz Vigil

(Canon City-AP) -- The wife of slain deputy Jason Schwartz plans a vigil in her husband's honor this afternoon in front of the Fremont County Sheriff's Office.

Schwartz died a year ago when brothers Joel and Michael Stovall shot him sixteen times. Schwartz was transporting the brothers to jail after one of them allegedly shot a dog.

The brothers later shot Florence police officer Toby Bethel -- paralyzing him -- and slightly wounded another officer.

A year later, Bethel takes 23 pills a day for the pain in his legs and lower back and travels weekly to Pueblo for hours of therapy.

The sheriff in charge at the time has lost his re-election bid, the sergeant who was with Schwartz who some blame for not searching the brothers has left the state.

Sheryl Schwartz is keeping a chest filled with sympathy cards, newspaper clippings so the one-year-old son could learn about his father, who died when he was a few weeks old.

The brothers were sentenced to life in prison.