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Members of the Colorado House are backing a national anti-bullying measure -- but not without controversy.

Lawmakers today passed a resolution endorsing a nationwide "No Name-Calling Week."

The New York-based Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network developed the initiative, which calls for speaking out against the bullying of students for any reason.

Among the reasons listed are a student's faith, weight -- or sexual orientation.

Fort Collins Democrat Angie Paccione (pah-choan-EE') sponsored the measure, saying she thinks the non-binding resolution was killed last year because it mentioned sexual orientation.

Some Republicans argued the state shouldn't dictate what constitutes bullying, and said bullying can sometimes help a student "grow stronger."

All but four House Republicans voted against the measure.

It was approved by a vote of 38-to-25.

Paccione tried to prove a point last year about how names can hurt people.

But she was ordered to stop after she began calling out some of the slurs often directed at gays and lesbians.